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Check The List Of The Kitchen Appliances Online For Your New Home

Are you excited to stock up your kitchen with different kitchen appliances in your new home? If so, then you should have a checklist of what all you are going to stock the kitchen with. Though there are many kitchen appliances, here are a few that are need absolutely and there are no exceptions for these. We have made a list for you to check if you have these in your kitchen. We have made this kitchen checklist based on a basic kitchen type, normal tech type, and exclusive and expansive kitchen type. Having a few of them or having all of them serves the same purpose. Ultimately it is your choice as to which one you will have to choose.


When you are moving into your new home, everything should be organized. Thus, you might be required to keep the most basic things. Here are a few things you should have to stock in your kitchen:

  1. Mixer Grinder


This is required to handle the grinding of spices. You can also expect some fruit juices and another grinding of food items. This comes under the basic kitchen appliances. Mixer Grinders are very easy to use and they can help in many food prep processes. They can whip liquids and fruits often making juices or purees out of them. They are super easy to work with and can run for a long time. A must have kitchen appliances!

  1. Pressure cooker


Pressure cooker or an electric cooker is required to cook dal, rice, vegetables, etc. This is essential because they save the time of cooking any meal. They also save energy in preparing meals. When you use the pressure cooker, your kitchen will be much cooler. They also do not take much cleaning. In addition to all of this, the cooker helps retain the nutrients and makes the food tastier too.

  1. Gas Stove


It is the most important and essential equipment in the kitchen. Buy a nice one which is suitable for your family and also for yourself. In addition to that, it is said that the flames produced by a natural and high quality gas stove can cook food quicker and even as the flames spread themselves along the bottom sides of the pan. If you love having home food, then you can purchase a good gas stove that offer great features.

  1. Water Bottles


What is a kitchen without any water bottles? When you are purchasing water bottles for home, purchase the thermosteel water bottles as they are made of PET and BPA free raw material. Apart from that, they are tough and they can even be washed in dishwasher. They can be stored in refrigerators.




Thus, these are a few items on our checklist that needs to be present in your kitchen. You can have an exhaust fan or a chimney that will get rid of the smoke in the house. Other than that, you can also expect kitchen appliances like coffee maker, vegetable chopper, etc.